Earn Money By Youtube Channel

Earning money from Youtube is the trending topic on internet . Everyone wants to earn money from Youtube but they do not now how to do it. Basically YouTube is a platform where thousand , ten thousand million of people are earning money . By posting videos Google AdSense puts ad on their videos and pay the user according to their views. But Google AdSense have a policy that a user have to agree before monetizing his channel . A user have to be subscribers more than 1000 and 4000 watch time hours. I think you will be able to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time or in a month after reading this article.

You have to follow some important points that are given below:-

  1. Selecting Channel name
  2. Selecting a proper content
  3. Do not Copy any one’s content
  4. Video Length
  5. Choosing Thumbnail

Selecting Channel Name:-

Selecting a channel with the first and the most important point for the YouTube SEO. YouTube channel name is the only way to recognise you on YouTube. People will always use your YouTube channel name to define you. The most easiest way to take the YouTube channel name is to use your first name. As my name is Shan. I will select the my YouTube channel name as Shan gaming or anything.

Selecting a Proper Content for Channel:-

The second point is to selecting an niche or a content topic. If you have a proper content you will rank your videos more quickly on YouTube . If you are using different categories video then you will not rank on YouTube page . Select a proper category . That you will do if you are expert in gaming put gaming videos on YouTube. If you are expert in painting make painting videos and post it on YouTube. It will increase your YouTube SEO and helps you in ranking.

Do Not Copy Any One Videos:-

The third point is do not copy anyone videos. Even it is part of another video . Make your own videos and prove it that you are a real youtuber and you are making your own content. If you will copy anyone videos your videos will get the copyright . It will be deleted from your channel . If you get 3 copyright strikes on your channel your channel will get ban and you will not be able to monetize your channel from Google AdSense.

Videos Length:-

The fourth point is the videos length. If you are making videos on earning online. Then you are videos definitely will be lengthy. Their time will be their time will be equal to 6 to 7 minutes and do not make too Lengthy videos and too short videos.

Choosing Thumbnail :-

Choosing thumbnail is the one of the most important points. Let’s suppose your videos are great on YouTube . The real viewer will definitely click on that video whose thumbnail is attractive and beautiful.

I hope you will complete your 1000 subscriber and 4k watch time hours easily. Learn More.

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