How to Sell Ebooks and Photos Online

Digital product is one of the best way to making money online. It is the easiest way, write something about any topic and make ebook and then this ebook with different formats and sell it on different websites sell those websites which were marketing itself and talk in newspaper about your ebook and give you option to share your ebook at social media.

Different websites where are you you can sell your ebook are given below.

  1. Payhip.
  2. Amazon Kindle direct publish.
  3. Blurb. Ebooks
  4. Lulu.
  5. nook press.
  6. Kobo writing life.
  7. Smashwords.
  8. feiyer
  9. Booktango.


It is a website that allows you to sell a digital product. It lets you how to create a customizable sales page for free e and provides all tolls to sell your ebook such as discount coupons, affiliate programs and different payment options. The website keep 5% of every sale you make.


Blurb not only give you easy to use tolls to create your ebook on its platform but it also sells it on different markets such as Amazon, Apple I book store and Blurb store as well.


The website offers complete support to create a nicely ebook formatted and convert them into to EPUB and PDF formates. It also lends a hand to creating ebook for you incase you do not have a time for some fee.


This website is offered by barnes and noble the site has self publishing tools to write and publish your ebook. A final product gets huge audience of bernes and noble.


Kobo has a self publishing platform which publish your ebook in front of of millions of their readers. The website does not any charge Fee for creating and publishing your ebook but there is % of transaction for each sale.


The website does not any charge for publishing your ebook. It gives you amazing tools to format your ebook. This website gives you to 80% of of each sale.


It is a paid service for the promotion of ebooks and music. The ebook is made available over 165 million stores.Feiyr charges a one-time fee of €9.90.


It is a free service and does not charge up penny of transaction. you upload your ebook and sell on this platform and keep 100% of your earnings.


Websites that is paying people to upload their photos.Unveiling how to earn maximum amount fot your photos. Showing you to how to upload other people photos for profit. is a contributor website where are you you can sale your photos and earn money easily. You should make an account on this website and submit your photos about anything you want and get profit.First you must download the app from google play store. Photos of nature, birds and animals etc. You should also upload other people photos and get profit easily on this website first of all you need to sign up on this website. is a website where you can found an stock photos you can download this photos and submit to copyright photos also gives you profit. Holidays photos and Christmis photos any other event photos are very beneficial.

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