HTML Tags-3

We have discussed more then 20 tags in previous posts . Now we will discuss How to embed the external pages or links or Youtube videos to our website. We will briefly explain the procedure of embeding link , youtube videos as well as google map to our page in html tag.

Embed Tag in Html :-

For Embeding any external application to our website we have to use embed tag which is “<embed>”.

We will Embed a youtube video to our page in this article.

First of all we have to use embed tag and this tag also have no ending because all data in this tag will be in its attributes so open a embed tag <embed> and use a attribute named as src=”” and put the link of the external application in this attribute such as i am using a youtube video and its link will be between src=”” and we have to set its width height and all other styles in css we will discuss it later.

The result of code will be

If you want to embed the web page to your page . You just have to put the link of that page in the src attribute and other process will be same as for video embeding .

If you want to embed the map to your website you have to go to google map and seatrch the location you want to embed to your page. and click on share location and then click on embed map and you will get a whole html code . Just copy it and paste it in your html document.

map embeding

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