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In Previous post we have discussed the basic of web development . Now we will start web development by going in deep. Html is the structure of the website which allows a user to show the data on website.

We will start Html by its tags.

Starting of tag is with less then and the tag name and then greater then sign and then the tags end with smaller then sign and then / and tag name and in last greater then sign. And the data will be between those starting and ending of tags.

we will discuss

Heading Tag:-

Heading are classified in 6 different sizes in html and the tag we use to display the heading is <h1> tag. h describes the heading and 1 describes the size of heading . <h1> is larger then h2 h3 h4 h5 and h6 heading .

Anchor Tag :-

Anchor tag describes a hyperlink . It means will create a link which redirects the user to another page or takes a action when user click on it . <a> is the tag for creating hyper link. The Text between these tags will be blue and underlined .

Bold Tag :-

The text in html can be bold by two different tags . <b> and <strong> tag . The question rises here is “if we can bold letter by <b> tag then why strong tag is introduced ?”. The answer is “Strong tags makes that word important for browser and bold tag only bold the letter. We can also bold a letter in Css “.

Body and Head Tag :-

Body tag describes the body of some section like in table and html also have body as well as head tag . Head tags contains meta information which will not shown to user except some . Body tag will contains all data that will be shown to user. The tag uses for body is <body> and Tag use for head is <head>.

Comment Tag in Html :-

The data between the comment tag will not shown to user. This tag is used for making the labeled or the respective information. The tag used for Comment is <!– –> . Comments are not important in html but mostly used in web development.

Line Break Tag:-

Line break tag in html is used for breaking the line. It is used in paragraph mostly or dividing the line from the place where the tag is used. The tag used for line break is <br>.

Result of All Tags is Here :-

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