Start A Blogging Website

Website is the greatest and most paying way online. If you are a intelligent and you can write a content . Then start a blogging website. The question here is how we earn from blogging. We write blogpost and publish it on a website. Then you have put ads on your website .Their are several providing ads services. Start a blogging website to earn More .

How to start a Blogging website????

Their are two ways of starting a blogging website. First one is the easiest but so complicated way to start blogging website. Start a free blogging website on blogger and put blogs on it. This way is difficult because on blogger you will have so low chances to get adsense approval. Adsense is a website of google which provides ads to montize the website. You have to get approval of google adsense by providing a awesome website content on you r website

Second Way take money but more chances of getting adsense approval. Get a Hosting amd a domain and a builder.

What is hosting ?

Hosting is a backend computer or server which stores your website data. To make it accessible world .Different websites are providing hosting worldwide on a cheap rate and as well as expensive. if you want to take hosting i will give you link of some awesome hosting website below this article.

What is Domain ?

A domain name is the identification of a website. You can say that it is the url of website. You have to purchase it or you will get it free with the hosting . If you want to take a domain then check go to or go and also google domain selling sites.

What is Website Builder?

Website builder is a online platform which helps you to setup your website easily online.The famous website builders are wordpress and .

Start a Website today after reading the articles given in below links.

For Top Web hosting Websites Read this article

For top Domain name check out this article

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