Top 5 Freelancing websites

Freelancing is a job in which you are working to get money. But you works independently and you are not under someone. You do not have to follow anyone. Today I will Discuss some top websites that are hiring freelancer. Those sites are providing a safe enviroment for Freelancing.

Following Websites are Best For Freelancers:-

  1. Fiver
  2. Upwork
  3. Toptal
  4. Freelancer
  5. People Per Hour

Following Websites are discussed below :

1 Fiver :-

Fiver is a website that allows a freelancer to sell skill on their website.Fiver was launched in 2010 . In this website a freelancer have to launch a post named as gig to sell his skill. You can easily and safely contact customer. Minimum amount for a gig is 5 dollar and upto billion dollar. Click here to learn to learn how to rank your gig on fiver.This website is top rated on Trustpilot

2. Upwork:-


Upwork is an also freelancing website. In this website a customer has to post job. . If a customer wants to take the interview of freelancer he has a right to take . Customer has to post a job and price range. In this website you can easily get a job in less time.

3 Top Tal :-


Toptal is a website where experts work . It is an awsome website which contain most of expert freelancers like webdesigner , graphic designer. And lot of other. Top companies most of times hires toptal freelancer.If you want to join the toptal then read this article.

4 Freelancer:-

Hello World

It is an australian website or market place . This is the largest market of freelancer. This website contains more then 50million freelancers. You can easily post jobs and you can start your career from this wonderful website. Click here to Sign Up

5 People Per Hour Top Website :-


This is the best freelancing website .Here you can earn money in hours. You can work for peoples but not for days you will get money according to your rate per hour. It means that you will get paid per hourly

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